Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you were to ask me what my favorite survey/reward site was I would tell you SwagBucks! I have earned $130 in Amazon gift cards in 8 months just from searching the internet! I know it doesn't seem like alot but it's FREE money! There are many ways you can earn with SwagBucks and it is so easy.

Join SwagBucks and see for yourself! If you join today they will start you out by putting 30 SB in your account. Your next step should be to download the toolbar. Once you have the toolbar use it to search everytime you use the internet. The more you search on it the more SwagBucks you will earn. You will not earn everytime but you can earn 3 or 4 times a day by using SwagBucks as your seach engine. I use my toolbar to go to my email, survey sites, blogs that I visit and more! Plus you will earn 1 SB everyday that you use the toolbar to search.

Other ways you can earn SwagBucks is by doing the Daily Poll, visiting the Trusted Surveys and doing the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers). You can do these everyday to earn 1 SB each. Just by doing these three things and using the toolbar everyday you can earn enough points for three Amazon Gift Cards.

*Note: You cannot visit the Trusted Surveys until you have had an active account for 7 days so if you try to do that one it will not let you right away.

Swagbucks has other ways you can earn as well. You can trade in old electronics for SwagBucks and you can also use them to shop through. They have added new features like coupons and Swagbucks TV! For every coupon you print from their site and redeem you will earn 10 SB. Of course it takes 8 to 10 weeks for SwagBucks to show up in your account after you redeem the coupons you print. You can earn 5 SB for watch TV clips under the SwagBucks TV tab, just watch the clips until you reach 100% on your SwagBucks Meter and you will earn! This is an easy way to earn while you are folding laundry or watching TV!

SwagBucks is a great way to earn to your Christmas fund (or whatever you are saving for!). Try it out, earn some SwagBucks and be on your way to a FREE Christmas like me!

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