Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saving for Santa Fund

It is a new year and I am restarting my Saving for Santa Fund for Christmas 2011! I have already started saving and will continue to save until I reach my goal!

My current savings is: $211.24.
My goal for this year is: $2000.00

To reach my goal I need to save $40.65 a week for the next 44 weeks so I have $2000.00 to go shopping with by Black Friday. That is a manageable goal and I will do it! Last year my goal was to save $1000.00 by Black Friday and I reached that goal and passed it by saving $1164! I also did not start saving last year until the end of March so I have alrady jump started my savings by beginning now!

Are you saving for a vactaion? A new car? Christmas? If so, let me know what you are saving for, what your goal amount is and how long you have/want to reach that goal in the comments! We can save together and watch our savings grow!

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