Thursday, August 26, 2010


Rebates are a major way that I save so much money. There are several different kinds of rebates out there.

Rebates put out by companies themselves - Some companies put out rebates that you can print out online and send in after you have purchased the required amount of products. Rescently I have received my rebate from P&G that I added to my Christmas fund. If I find a rebate online I will post it here for you to take advantage of.

Try me free rebates - These are rebates that are usually found on packages of different products. You usually have to send in your receipt, a UPC from the product and the form so they know where to mail your rebate to. You get the full purchase price back so if you use coupons you can turn your try me free rebate into a money maker!

Money back guarantee - These rebates are offered by certain companies if you are not satisfied with the product. Please don't just say that you are not satisfied with the product to get the money back because the companies usually do research on the explanation you give to see if they can correct the problem. If there is no problem then the company has wasted their time. Please be honest, if you really are not satisfied then these rebates are okay to use.

No Beer Purcahse Required rebates (NBPR) - NBPR rebates are rebates put out by the beer companies and usually are valid on items that you cannot usually find coupons on such as produce, meat, soda, gas and so on. The nice thing about beer rebates is that if you live in certain states you do not have to buy the beer! The rebate states to buy a certain type and amount of beer but in the fine print it says no beer purchase required for the following states. If you get rebates that inclued your state then you only have to buy the specified item such as spend $10 on beef and get $6 back or spend $20.01 on groceries and get $20 back! Yes there are rebates that state this, I have used several of them! I have only been able to find these rebates on Ebay by searching "beer rebate". You do have to purchase them but you always make back what you spend plus some! Beer rebates are the main way I add to my savings.

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