Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SwagBucks: What I earned yesterday

SwagBucks is a great program to help you add money to your Santa fund or whatever you are saving for. I have been a member of SwagBucks for 10 months now and have earned quite a bit of FREE money to spend on Christmas for my kids. I always cash my SwagBucks in for $5 Amazon Gift Cards. They offer $25 and $50 Amazon Gift Cards as well but it's more economical and practical to cash in for $5 gift cards because they are only worth 450 SB and you can get 7 $5 gift cards for the amount of points you need to get a $25 gift card. (I hope that makes sense!) They also offer tons of other prizes including PayPal payments. To get a $5 PayPal payment you need 700 SB.

There are many ways to earn from SwagBucks but the one I use the most is searching the internet. I use it to search for everything whether it's Facebook, my email, my blog, other blogs or to print coupons. I always use SwagBucks as my search engine. It is similar to google or yahoo but I earn FREE money doing it with SwagBucks! Make sure you download the toolbar to make it easier to search from.

You can also shop through SwagBucks, take surveys, do special offers, recycle old electronics for SwagBucks, print coupons and much more! The ways to earn are endless and you win something everyday you search! You won't win for every search you make but the more you search the more you win. I have won up to 4 times a day by searching through SwagBucks. If you search using the toolbar everyday you can potentially earn enought SwagBucks for a $5 Amazon Gift Card every 2 weeks.

Join SwagBucks today and start earning! You will get 30 SB to start out with so you will be on your way to earning FREE money!

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