Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday Sucess!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! And if you went shopping I want to hear what you were able to get for your family. I was able to almost finish my shopping completely.

My mother in law and I headed out at 11:30pm on Thrusday night. We went to Wal-Mart for their midnight sale and I was able to get all but one item on my list. We finished our shopping around 1am and we sat in line for an Ipod touch for my sister in law. Yes we sat in line for 4 hours! It was insane and really boring to just sit on the floor next to our cart while we waited. The people behind us in line decided to buy some UNO cards and we played UNO from about 1:45 until 4:45am! It made time fly by and it was so fun to have something to do! At 4:45 I headed to the checkout register whlie my mother in law waited the last few minutes to get the Ipod because we knew as soon as 5am hit the registers would be packed with lines. I was able to check my stuff out and my mother in laws stuff out (minus the Ipod because she paid for that when she got it) before the huge lines hit and we were walking out of there while everyone else was wating to be checked out!

Our next stop was at Wawa for coffee and donuts! Yum! We were starving and needed an energy boost since we were running on no sleep (ok well I took an hour nap but that made it worse when I had to get up to leave!).

After we went to Target. We got to Target around 6am and did our shopping. I was able to still get everything on my list for Target even through their sale had started at 4am while we were sitting in Wal-mart. The lines were short because the morning rush was over so we were in and out of Target within an hour.

We then went next door to Kohls and I was able to find my kids Chirstmas outfits for when they see Santa. I got some pants for Hunter because they were much needed and I also did some shopping for me!

After that we headed to the outlet mall. We found a parking spot right away (which was crazy because the 4 cars in front of us drove right by the spot and we didn't think we would get it!). Usually it takes us a minumun of 30 minutes to find a parking spot but it only took 4 minutes and we were parked yesterday! We went in the Carter's outlet first and I got some nice dresses and shirts for Kyrsten. After that I was done with the kids and headed to Aeropostale and Gap Oulet to do the last bit of shopping for myself and walked out with some more great stuff!

All together we had a great productive shopping trip and enjoyed our day of shopping even though we were exhausted! Here is some pictures of gifts that I had picked up before Black Friday.

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