Friday, September 24, 2010

Plum District: $10 for $30 worth of Kids Active Wear from Agoo Apearal

Plum District has a great deal today on kids clothing. Spend $10 and get $30 worth of Active Wear from Agoo Apearal. In order to get this deal do the following:

1. Sign up for an account if you don't already have one
2. View Today's Plum Deal
3. Click the Buy Button

This deal has no limit on it, but you can only redeem one voucher per transaction. (Think Christmas gifts for the kids! This is a great way to stretch your Chirstmas money!)  This voucher can be applied to tax and shipping so that's a plus! A highlight about this clothing line is it's sweat-proof, rain-proof, and grass-stain-proof clothing perfect for playing outside in! You can use this voucher as soon as the deal closes and you have until 12/31/10 to use it.

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